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Employees assigned to Information Service Bureau once referred to has the Record Bureau (R&I -  Records & Information) in the department have a number of important responsibilities. One of the most common is assisting the general public who either call or respond to the Information Service Bureau in person to get copies of reports or with questions about incident reports, arrests, accident information, firearm permits, etc. The East Orange Police Department Record Bureau receives thousands of such requests annually.

The men and women who are assigned to the Information Service Bureau are responsible for processing and filing the majority of paperwork generated by the department or forwarded to the department by outside agencies. Included in the above are literally hundreds of thousands of incident reports, arrests reports, restraining orders, gun permits, fingerprint cards and other documents.  

The Information Service Bureau front counter is open to the public Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. (excluding holidays) Reports can be picked up during these hours. Reports or request for reports can not be taken over the phone, faxed or sent via e-mail. Requests for reports can be made in person or in certain cases by mail. It is suggested, however, that you call before requesting a report to confirm that the report has been received in the Record Bureau and the exact cost of receiving a copy of same. Please provide as much information as possibly when requesting a copy of a report, i.e. case number. If the case number is not known, record bureau personnel can search for the report by a name of parties involved, date, location or type of incident The normal fee for a copy of a report is .50 per page (most reports usually consist of 2-4 pages) The cost is substantially diverse for attorneys requesting discovery for clients. To Obtain Police Reports requests are only accepted either in person or in certain cases by regular mail, Records does not accept requests via phone or e-mail, nor do they fax or e-mail reports.

For Additional Information

For information or assistance you can contact the Information Service Bureau at (973) 266-5010, or write to East Orange Police Department, Information Service Bureau, 15 South Munn Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey 07017. You may also contact the Information Service Bureau Commander for any special needs at (973) 266-5012, e-mail apettiford@njeopd.com or by postal mail - Information Service Bureau Commander, EOPD at above address, Attn: Lieutenant Alex Pettiford


Other duties performed by the Information Service Bureau Staff include:

  • Old Style of FingerprintingRecord Checks For Warrants via NCIC-SCIC-ATS-ACS and Local.

  • Fingerprinting And Photographing Arrestees.

  • Crime Scene Photography and Prints.

  • Sorting, Mailing And Distributing Mail.

  • Answering Telephones, Assisting Other Agencies, And Giving Directions.

  • Data Entry Into Department Computers For Arrest Reports, Restraining Orders, Gun Permits, And Accident Reports, etc.

  • Processing Of Licenses To Carry Firearms And Identification Cards including Paperwork As Necessary For Suspension And Revocations.

  • Copying And Faxing (Court System/Law Enforcement Agencies Only) Of Reports And Other Documents For Dissemination.

  • Registering And Keeping Track Of All Sex Offenders Residing In East Orange Under Megan's Law.

  • Background Checks (when applicable) On Taxi Licensing, City Employee Applicants, Peddler Licensing, Building Superintendents And Construction Background Checks.

  • Retrieving Criminal History Reports (CCH) On Arrestees For The Criminal Judiciary Processing Unit (CJP).

  • Processing Of Employee Identification Cards (ID) For All Sworn And Civilian Personnel.

  • Good Conduct Letters - $3.00 fee

     Information Service Bureau Hours
Open To The Public

MONDAY - FRIDAY 0830-1600
Window Closed Saturday-Sunday-Holidays
Telephone: 973-266-5010-12


Information Service Bureau Commander: Lieutenant Alex Pettiford 
Supervisor 0700-1500: Sergeant Unassigned
Supervisor 1500-2300:
Temporarily Unassigned
Supervisor 2300-0700: Sergeant Unassigned

Relief Supervisor: Temporarily Unassigned

Information Service Bureau Day Personnel

Police Aide Annie Lewis - RIP
Police Aide Annie Lewis (RIP)

Police Aide Kimberly Fox  -  A K A  "Pebbles"
Police Aide Kimberly Fox

Det. Harry Osterhoudt - Retired  &  Det. Hurley Jones
Detective's Harry Osterhoudt (Retired)  & Hurley Jones

Police Aide Vanessa Jackson
Police Aide Vanessa Jackson

Detective Harry Osterhoudt - Retired
Detective Harry Osterhoudt (Retired)
Detective Hurley Jones
Detective Hurley Jones

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