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Dedicated To The  Unknown Peace Officer - Known Only To God 

I  never  dreamed it would be  me,
My  name  for  all  eternity,
Recorded here  at  this hallowed place
Alas, my name, no more  my  face.

"In  the  line of duty, " I hear them  say:
My  family  now  the  price  to  pay.
My folded flag  stained with  their  tears;
We  only had those  few  short  years.
The  badge  no longer  on  my chest,
I  sleep now in  eternal  rest.
My  sword  I  pass to those  behind,
And  pray  they  keep  this  thought  in  mind.

I  never  dreamed  it  would be  me,
And with  heavy  heart  and  bended  knee,
I  ask  for  all  here  from  the  past:
Dear God, let my  name  be  the  last.

Blessed are the peacemakers:  
for they shall be called the children OF GOD


The Five East Orange Police Officers

Patrolman Andrew G. Carlson
Duty Related Illness Died From Illness February 4, 1905

Officer Joseph O'Connor
Shot and Killed December 15, 1915

Officer Robert Shannon
Struck By Motorist April 30, 1921 Died From Injuries May 1, 1925

Officer Thomas J. Ennis
Shot And Killed February 14,  1937

Sergeant William A. Connelly
Shot And Killed October 6, 1965





Newspaper Articles Patrolman Robert Shannon
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Officer Robert ShannonOfficer Robert Shannon

Newspaper Article Officer Joseph O'Connor
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Patrolman Joseph O'Connor

Newspaper Articles Sergeant William Connelly
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Sergeant William A. Connelly                      Sergeant William A. Connelly

Newspaper Articles Sergeant William Connelly
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Sergeant William A. ConnellySergeant William A. Connelly     Sergeant William A. Connelly

Saint Michael

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Special thanks to East Orange Police Detective Nicholas Martinez for all the research.